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Wisdom Fragrances and The Tie Hub

Wisdom Fragrances And Grey Plaid Necktie, Cufflinks Combo Set

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Necktie: Silk ties are the quintessential piece of neckwear that screams "high fashion". The laborious and expensive process of harvesting the silk threads and the soft, decadent nature of its fabric has hallmarked silk as a marker of style and elegance. However, not all silk ties are created equal, as silk can vary in weight and texture such as the heavier silk twill and the smooth satin finish. Silk ties no longer only define the elegance of an event but are now a staple of the everyday modern man. Solid silk neckties make the perfect wedding ties. Striped and novelty pattern silk neckties can be worn for a casual weekend outing or at the office to maintain a professional look while adding a touch of personality."

Cufflinks: Perfect for any occasions Events, Anniversaries etc., elevating fashionable image to your personal appearance. Fine polished, with highest quality made of brass, setting for the everlasting shine.

Perfume: 41: Bergamot and Apple gives a beautiful impactful top note, followed by a solid heart of birch and Patchouli and long lasting vetivert with oakmoss. If you are a charmer this if your fragrance! Heads will turn when you apply it generously. 85:- Its got it all! It's fun, it's solid, it's unique, it's comfortable. Fresh petitgrain, perky pepper zesty graprefruit on a herbal aromatic heart with a warm lasting dry down of musk, vetivert. The fragrance comes in a luxurious black box.

77: Sunshine in a bottle A bright Beautiful fresh fragrance, opens with a sparkling top of Bergamot, Zesty Lemon, refreshing lime, bitter orange, perky pepper, followed by exhilarating sea notes, herbaceous basil and rosemary duo, on a conforming base of musk, oakmoss, juniper, cedar and amber

130: A very Royal and Rich fragrance. Its got a good balance of fresh spice, saffron and woody notes and Oud.

131: A spectacular oriental fragrance for the women of today. Bold and Beautiful. This fragrance open with a floral sweet notes of rose, rich saffron, and warm leather followed by a woody patchouli and cedar along with a generous dose of amber and oud.


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