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Wisdom Fragrances and The Tie Hub

Wisdom Fragrances And White Printed Pocket Square Combo Set

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Pocket Square: -The classic pocket square always blooms and it is completely right about that! As a sheer accessory, it embellishes the breast pocket of every suit coat. -This pocket square is an amazing eyecatcher even without a necktie. -This elegant piece has been handmade out of 100% Silk -No look is complete without this Pocket Square. With a rich array of colors, patterns and materials, we have assembled a collection full of options for every personal style and occasion.

Perfume: 41: Bergamot and Apple gives a beautiful impactful top note, followed by a solid heart of birch and Patchouli and long lasting vetivert with oakmoss. If you are a charmer this if your fragrance! Heads will turn when you apply it generously.

85: Its got it all! It's fun, it's solid, it's unique, it's comfortable. Fresh petitgrain, perky pepper zesty graprefruit on a herbal aromatic heart with a warm lasting dry down of musk, vetivert. The fragrance comes in a luxurious black box.

77: Sunshine in a bottle A bright Beautiful fresh fragrance, opens with a sparkling top of Bergamot, Zesty Lemon, refreshing lime, bitter orange, perky pepper, followed by exhilarating sea notes, herbaceous basil and rosemary duo, on a conforming base of musk, oakmoss, juniper, cedar and amber.

130: A very Royal and Rich fragrance. Its got a good balance of fresh spice, saffron and woody notes and Oud.

131: A spectacular oriental fragrance for the women of today. Bold and Beautiful. This fragrance open with a floral sweet notes of rose, rich saffron, and warm leather followed by a woody patchouli and cedar along with a generous dose of amber and oud.


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