Our Story

wiSDom was born out of passion for fragrances and years of experience.
Our mission is to educate the consumer, empower them so they can have unique experiences.  We are an intelligent brand and not just another product. 

Our products are well thought with unique concepts and designed in a way so the consumer can improve their knowledge on fragrances and make informed decisions.
The fragrances are luxurious and the quality is uncompromised.

Meet our founder

Sheetal Desai, our founder, has had a very rich experience working with several prestigious international brands, managing portfolios of luxury fine fragrances and home accents in the USA. In order to further develop her craft, she then decided to travel the globe and explore the world of fragrances in Europe and Middle East. With extensive knowledge and experience in handling many large international brands, her journey reached its pinnacle with the birth of wiSDom. The concept of wiSDom goes beyond just fragrances, it is an experience, allowing people to discover who they truly are and uncover the scent that is perfect for them. Built upon years of knowledge, global experience and craft, wiSDom stands unparalleled in the way of luxury fine