Scented Weddings

Scented Weddings

Let your wedding unfold with fragrant fireworks!

A Scented Affair

It's all about uplifting those noteworthy moments of the day, as smell is the sense most closely connected with memory.

Scent is strongly associated with recollection. Each fragrance has the power to transport us to a moment, and capture a feeling. By curating the scents of a wedding, we can help leave a deeper imprint of these memories.

To build even stronger memories, start during your engagement. Find a new fragrance that you love and vow to use it throughout your planning process, and then ultimately on your wedding day. Whenever you use the same scent in the future, you'll get to relive all of the emotions and excitement you experienced leading up to the wedding.

Curate a personalised fragrance wardrobe for your big day

Fragrances are alluring and people often employ two trains of thought when it comes to choosing and wearing them. Many choose to wear a signature fragrance that captures attention and makes heads turn.

A signature fragrance becomes their identity but it could grow to become monotonous.

This is where the concept of a fragrance wardrobe comes in. It consists of a range of different fragrances that suit different moods, occasions, outfits or even different times of the day. The process of curating a fragrance wardrobe can be a creative one. You can select a fragrance depending on any occasion!

Do you favour minimal wedding ensembles? Seek out a linear (singular note) perfume. If your wedding outifts are romantic and feminine, find something floral. If your wardrobe is glamorous you will be drawn to more opulent and rich scents. And, for the daring, fashion forward, try oud or leather scents. Match your scent to your chosen wedding ensemble. You can also choose a different perfume for every event of the celebration, using a light fragrance for the day and a heavier, slightly more potent fragrance at the evening reception.

Fragrance as a memorable token of thanks

'Love Story in a bottle' as wedding favors for guests.

Send your friends and family home at the end of the night with a perfume carefully curated by you and your partner, engraved with your initials that features your love story in a bottle. It will be just another personal detail to help make the wedding feel like it was detailed with parts of the bride and the groom in it. Let your guests catch a whiff of your love story.

Your guests will get a happy reminder of your big day every time they use it.

Scent your wedding venue

Scenting your venue is a beautiful way to create something distinctive & personalized. To be enveloped in a scent you adore adds a thoughtful element to your wedding day.

We will help you find the perfect scent for your venue and your wedding theme. Couples are usually looking for something to make their wedding unique to their personality or culture, so including a signature scent through all their wedding ceremonies can become a great way to make their celebration literally unforgettable.