Wisdom Scent Escapes

Wisdom Scent Escapes

Who Are We?

Wisdom is an independent couture fine fragrance house pioneered by Sheetal Desai, a trailblazer in this industry. Assertive, individual and sophisticated, these fragrances encourage you to pick your signature – something that will linger behind you long after you’re gone.

Her range of bespoke fine fragrances, luxury fragrant homewares and bespoke scent branding bear a sharp focus on fragrance delivery and embody audacious and timeless scents, inspired by fearless poetry, nature, emotions and culture.

What Is Scent Branding?

Bespoke Scent Branding is the practice of crafting a set of unique fragrance that capture your brand’s values and personality to enhance a company's brand image, improve customer experience and increase sales.

Why Scent Branding?

Connect. Inspire. Be Remembered Utilizing tailored fragrances, scent marketing enhances your brand identity and resonates with your target audience, evoking memories, shaping behaviour, and driving sales. Additionally, it stimulates appetite, boosts brand recognition, and fosters a welcoming ambience throughout your establishment