Sensorial Escapades

Creatives experiences to engage your senses and expand your olfactory horizons.

The Art of Perfumery

wiSDom brings to you 'The Art of Perfumery'.

Perfume making is like crafting your own magic potion based on your creativity or inspirations. Like an experiment, there is science behind every drop of perfume creation, which is what makes perfume making so magical.

This is an experience allowing you to discover unique fragrances and the inspiring history behind them in a creative way. Smell your way to different olfactory accords and identify the different notes. We gives you the opportunity to explore, experiment and make your own blend. After the experience, you receive your personal fragrance blend in an 8ml vial beautifully wrapped in our signature luxury packaging for you to take home.

A Sensorial Soirée

Given that we can only detect five basic tastes (sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami), you can thank your sense of smell for rounding out the rest of your taste experience. Tapping into this symbiotic relationship, we collaborate with mixologists to create cocktails inspired by fragrances.

We invite you on a journey back to the origin of our smell and taste that leads us to a world that awakens our senses, awakens our hidden memories, and provides us with new, as well as long-forgotten impressions.

A Scented Affair

It's all about uplifting those noteworthy moments of the day, as smell is the sense most closely connected with memory.

Scent is strongly associated with recollection. Each fragrance has the power to transport us to a moment, and capture a feeling. By curating the scents of a wedding, we can help leave a deeper imprint of these memories.To build even stronger memories, start during your engagement. Find a new fragrance that you love and vow to use it throughout your planning process, and then ultimately on your wedding day. Whenever you use the same scent in the future, you'll get to relive all of the emotions and excitement you experienced leading up to the wedding.

Let your wedding unfold with fragrant fireworks!

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