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Wisdom Fragrances

Discovery Set of 8

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No 41 - Bergamot and Apple gives a beautiful impactful top note, followed by a solid heart of birch and Patchouli and long lasting vetivert with oakmoss. If you are a charmer this if your fragrance! Heads will turn when you apply it generously.

No 85 - Its got it all! It's fun, it's solid, it's unique, it's comfortable. Fresh petitgrain, perky pepper zesty graprefruit on a herbal aromatic heart with a warm lasting drydown of musk, vetivert.

No 130 - A very Royal and Rich fragrance. Its got a good balance of fresh spice, saffron and woody notes and Oud.

No 91 - Delicate fresh top on a very rich white floral with a spicy woody base. Its for the mature taste. Its for the spohisticated.

No 103 - The fragrance is a rich blend of floral gourmand and woods. There is a delicate touch of grapefruit and pepper on the top with a seductive heart of orris, rose and freesia. The Base is a balanced dose of vanilla with patchouli, woods, and amber.

No 131 - A spectacular oriental fragrance for the women of today. Bold and Beautiful. This fragrance open with a floral sweet notes of rose, rich saffron, and warm leather followed by a woody patchouli and cedar along with a genrous dose of amber and oud.

No 22 - 22 is the embodiment of the stages of a woman’s life – a rose that is sweet and reserved only to bloom beautifully when it’s their time to come of age. Made with the ethereal notes of fresh green rose and floral rose with a base note of woods rose, this fragrance tells the story of a woman’s life, the way a rose continues to grow into its beauty as time passes, scent deeper and exquisite.

No 77 - A bright Beautiful fresh fragrance, opens with a sparkling top of Bergamot, Zesty Lemon, refreshing lime, bitter orange, perky pepper, followed by exhilarating sea notes, herbaceous basil and rosemary duo, on a conforming base of musk, oakmoss, juniper, cedar and amber.

Product Dimension:
Width: 1 cm
Height: 6 cm
Length: 1 cm
Weight: 18 ml

Package Dimension:
Width: 12 cm
Height: 17 cm
Length: 15 cm
Weight: 181 gms

Last Up to: Depends on the use

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Volume & Concentration

8ml * 2 - EDP

Fragrance Notes

131 - OUD ROSE
130 - OUD & WOODS

Ideal For

As per choice.


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